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The Concert Band consists of students ranging in grades 9-12.  The primary educational goal of this ensemble is to increase student musicianship through the study of basic and intermediate musical concepts that will further their musical education and will prepare them for eventual membership into the Symphonic Band and/or Wind Ensemble.  From time to time, members of this ensemble will be required to complete performance based assignments that address musical concepts and fundamentals, such as scales (major), etudes, and rhythmic exercises.  This ensemble typically studies and performs a wide span of concert literature that varies in genre, style, cultural background, and historical time period.  Many students also participate in this ensemble on a secondary instrument.  Brass players may be asked to acquire various mutes, as necessary for the musical selections, which may include a straight mute, cup mute, and/or harmon mute.  Membership into the Concert Band is determined through an audition consisting of scales and sight-reading that is held the year prior.


District 1 MPA - 2020

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