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We need your help!

Pace High School Band Alumni!  We need your financial support.  If you are interested in contributing any amount back into the Pace High School Band program, please refer to our Sponsorship Letter and Donation Form.

We are deeply gracious for any monetary contribution that you are able to provide!

Band Sponsorship Letter and Alumni Donation Form

Band Wish List

We strive to provide our band students with the best possible instruments, equipment, and resources at all times.  Unfortunately, these items cost a lot money that we do not currently have available.

We need your help!  If you were interested in making a Tax Deductible Donation to our band program for any of the specific items on our list, please contact our director, Mr. Michanowicz.  Items such as bottled water, snacks, etc. are also greatly needed throughout the fall.  Anything that you can contribute will be greatly appreciated! 

You have the ability to customize your donation, and can put YOUR money towards any particular item that we have listed below.  If you'd prefer to have your money put in a general fund for miscellaneous items that are not listed below, we would be happy to comply. 

Miscellaneous funding could go towards any of the following:
*  Travel to and from all performances, competitions, and football games
*  MUSIC! (unlike many other academic subjects, we purchase all new music every single year)
*  Marching Band props and visual design
*  Permission to arrange and copyright fees
*  Instrument repair and cleaning
*  Instrument/Equipment needs (varies)
​*  Electronic needs - speakers, microphones, cables, etc.
*  Ways and Means funds (to help those students who need it the most)
*  Additional support staff/instructors (none of them earn what they deserve to make)
*  Classroom equipment (stands, chairs, tuners, etc)... and no, the school does not furnish any of this for us.
*  Meals, snacks, and bottled water for the kids during long performance/rehearsal days

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